jagkirat singh
jagkirat S.
00:23 06 May 20
Honest and guide truthfully
Arif Khan
Arif K.
21:29 26 Feb 20
I called for consultation and was immediately put through to speak with the lawyer. Doug was courteous and after listening provided the answer. Though he couldn't help because they don't offer the service. If they did, I would have definitely gone with them. The reason why I would have gone with them is because it seems that they care for their clients and are honest in their approach.
Marisa Tontaveetong
Marisa T.
21:09 12 Feb 20
Loved working with Lightman Law Firm, especially Guy Menahem. He handled my case well, was always friendly and willing to answer questions, dedicated and got me my O visa with no issue 😀 experienced and stellar service all round
Vaibhav Wakode
Vaibhav W.
15:05 23 Jan 20
Worked with Doug and Iris on wife's H4 visa and EAD. They were very responsive and were attentive to all of our questions and concerns throughout the whole process. Highly recommend this firm.
14:52 21 Nov 19
Christopher Hammond
Christopher H.
14:59 06 Nov 19
Doug and Iris were fantastic in helping my wife get through the green card process. From filing the paperwork, to always clearly answering our questions, to Doug swiftly jumping into action to correct an error made by the USCIS officer that could have drawn out the process for a number of additional months. We found Doug and his team to be very supportive, and made the entire process very smooth and easy for us. The most stressful part was the long waiting for the Gov't to interview us. Thank you Doug & Iris...you guys are the greatest! Chris & Alessandra H.
Benjamin Black
Benjamin B.
20:44 04 Nov 19
Doug and his team are great. They helped my wife and I through the green card process and were wonderful to deal with from start to finish. They were very responsive and were attentive to all of our questions and concerns throughout the whole process. They also have a process set up that they seamlessly guide you through. Doug would be my first call with anything relating to immigration.
Marvin Linville
Marvin L.
20:31 03 Oct 19
Very satisfied with work performed (green card via marriage) and highly recommended for anyone's immigration legal needs
Matthew Herbert
Matthew H.
17:05 30 Sep 19
Doug, Iris, Guy and team made the (sometimes) complex and long process so much more manageable. They were extremely professional, responsive and helpful. I felt incredibly well-prepared for each step in the process and could not imagine having gone through it without their guidance. Highly recommend!
Andrew Paget
Andrew P.
18:13 09 Sep 19
Excellent company. Doug was very helpful and really knew his stuff.
Stefania Porcelli
Stefania P.
19:40 14 Aug 19
Lightman Law Firm assisted me in the process of applying for permanent residency with competency and efficiency. Everyone was nice and fast in answering all of my questions. It's a great team!
16:40 08 Aug 19
Lightman Law Firm Team are an exceptional team to work with. They helped my partner and I with the green card application via Hyatt Legal Plan from beginning to end. Highly recommend this firm. Organized, proactive, professional, and available via e-mail or phone with any questions or concerns. Lightman Law Firm understand all stages of the application process. Working with an organized team helps a long way.
Mateusz Lilpop
Mateusz L.
22:25 05 Aug 19
Thanks Doug, Guy, Iris, Ryan and everyone at the Lightman Law Firm for helping me get my Green Card approved! I highly recommend this firm, they were professional, quick to respond and made time to answer questions via phone or email whenever we had them. I wasn't the easiest case either, so they helped me navigate around all my issues. See you all in 10 years for the renewal 🙂
Nancy Kashyap
Nancy K.
23:48 04 Aug 19
I only have positive things to say about Lightman Law Firm! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for an attorney to help with the green card application.
Rene Diaz-Rocha
Rene D.
14:33 02 Aug 19
Amazing lawfirm. The staff is courteous, efficient, and honest. Best immigration lawyers I've ever worked with. Looking foward to working with them in the future.
Divyashree Ramesh
Divyashree R.
00:20 17 Jul 19
Worked with Doug and Iris on my TN visa under Engineer category. Both are very approachable and quite quick with responses. Although my process was somewhat atypical, they adviced me very well with the process. I am very happy with the experience.
nicole bellinger
nicole B.
12:41 11 Jul 19
I used Lightman Law Firm to help me with my TN Visa and I had a great experience! I ended up getting approved the first time and the process was a lot more seamless thanks to all their help and hard work! Doug was also very responsive to all my emails and answered all my allbeit silly questions that I had about this Visa. Thanks to Lightman Law Firm, Doug and Iris, I get to remain in New York City and work for the next few years. I will also go to them in the future for when I need assistance with my green card.
Alana T.
Alana T.
05:43 11 Jul 19
I used Lightman Law Firm to help me with my TN Visa and I had a great experience! I ended up getting approved the first time and the process was a lot more...
Ilana Walter
Ilana W.
10:49 08 Jul 19
Excellent and seamless service. The team helped us process my husbands green card renewal (through our company’s Hyatt legal plan) and we were very pleased with the service. Easy to work with, proactive and professional. I should also say every person we came into contact with was nothing but honest, friendly and professional (not sure about the weird reviews below but these are definitely not true).
Ge W
Ge W
17:36 27 Jun 19
Great law firm. There was some confusion around my consult, and the managing attorney personally followed up to ensure great customer satisfaction. Highly recommended.
sainath reddy
sainath R.
14:12 18 Jun 19
Karl M.
01:41 18 Jun 19
I was getting deported , Guy had helped from canceling deportation proceedings to getting my green card, in 2016 I received my 10 year green card. Guy is very professional and knows his job very well , was very patient and flexible with my work schedule and my personal time with my Family , was very welcoming. Prices so far are the best I could get , I had seen different lawyers and was charged even more . His prices to me are very detailed you know how your money is being sent , also it gives you a heads up on how to get better prepared to pay for your legal fees . Also It made me learn a lot more than I knew before on immigration policy. Would definitely recommend Guy to anyone .
Christopher Sorge
Christopher S.
19:49 06 May 19
We worked with Douglas and Iris to obtain our green card and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. The process is complicated and I would recommend anyone interested in applying to secure legal council. Douglas and team are professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond. I definitely recommend.
mohamed benhalima
mohamed B.
18:49 03 May 19
really honest and knowledgable lawyer , Mr douglas was really patient and he answers all my question also he tried to help the best he could comsidering my tough finicial situation thank you so much , he the best lawyer
Ryan Lee
Ryan L.
04:28 11 Mar 19
Great experience working with this firm. Their expertise was much appreciated in understanding the nuances of a greencard applicant currently working on an H1B working visa.
Anita Delafuente
Anita D.
16:07 08 Mar 19
I would highly recommend using Guy Menahem as your immigration lawyer. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, a great communicatior and truly represents best of his clients.I felt very comfortable with the Lightman Law Firm- Great services!Many- many thanks for taking such a good care of us!
Evgenii Ignatov
Evgenii I.
14:47 13 Feb 19
I highly recommend Guy Menahem of Lightman Law Firm to anyone who needs help with any type of immigration case.  Guy took my asylum case, and we won in December 2017.  It was a long process, and he made sure that the whole time, we kept in contact and were on top of the case.  We got the interview notice just about a month before the actual interview and even though it was such short notice, Guy made sure that I got fully prepared for my interview, and knew what the process would involve.  He made sure that all my documents were complete and ready.  I felt a lot of support from him during that really stressful period of my life.  I can tell that Mr. Menahem is a really professional asylum lawyer, who has worked with a clients from all over the world.  Guy also can speak several languages, including mine – Russian.  He is always keeping up to date about all the changing rules and policies of immigration law that happen quite often.  I am so glad that I met Guy and am grateful for the work he did on my asylum case!
maleb iraheta
maleb I.
09:50 25 Jan 19
All I can say is they are the best! I'm a Christian and I know it was God who brought me to Lightman Law Firm. Mr Guy Menahem and Iris helped so much the whole process and now I have ASYLUM! It's a miracle, because I've been here in the U.S. for almost 25 years! YES! Miracles still happen!!! And i will always be grateful to God for introducing me to them! Thank you Lightman Law Firm!
20:53 24 Jan 19
Doug and Lightman Law Firm helped my wife and I obtain our marriage-based green card.Coming into the process, I was unsure if my wife, a Brazilian national who overstayed a tourist visa, would be able to get a green card through our marriage (I am a US citizen) due to her overstay and denial of a previous visa. Doug and his firm gave us a consultation and confirmed that everything looked good, then promptly helped gather our documentation. We met with him before we filed, and he answered all of our questions and put us at ease. Pricing was reasonable, though I did have legal insurance through my job at the time. It took about 8 months from filing to receiving the notice for the green card interview, and along the way, I had a few things arise that I was unsure about. Just about every time I had a question, Doug responded very quickly via email with his guidance, and helped ease our uncertainties. When the interview notice came, Doug gave us a prep session to make sure everything was in order, and we requested he attend the interview (there is a fee involved).At the interview six weeks later, he came prepared and ready to help us. While meeting with the immigration officer at USCIS, a previously-unknown issue with my wife's visa was brought to our attention by the officer (it incorrectly stated she was married at the time she received her visa). After making sure everything regarding the issue was thoroughly documented at the interview, Doug gave us a thorough breakdown of the possibilities and next steps. He even offered us a ride home after the interview (we don't own a car, and the interview was not far from our apartment; we gladly obliged), and left us with kind words of encouragement which helped our confidence despite being caught off-guard by the visa issue. Luckily, the issue never manifested itself, and we received the green card and approval within a few days of each other, albeit some six weeks after the interview. Overall, our case was relatively simple, but when a complication did arise, Doug stepped up and was ready to help us. He is ethical, straightforward, and willing to help, and his knowledge of immigration law is thorough. The quick responses were the kicker for me - sometimes it can be nerve-racking to sit and wait for vital information...you won't have that problem with Doug and his staff.
Eloïse Ghislaine
Eloïse G.
18:11 24 Jan 19
I worked with Lightman Law Firm for my E-3 visa and my Green Card application. In both instances, they were excellent to work with - very thorough, efficient and responsive. Prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend them!
Aung Myo Min
Aung Myo M.
02:13 15 Jan 19
I would definitely recommend Douglas to anyone who are looking for immigration lawyer. Douglas and his team helped us step by step precisely the applications for green card through marriage. They are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Recently my case was approved and received the green hand in hand.
Sanil Viswanath
Sanil V.
02:10 05 Jan 19
Lightman and his team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend to anybody for any immigration issues without a second think. Responsible and responding to emails and call asap. 👍
Richard Dansereau
Richard D.
15:49 10 Nov 18
Our family received Green Cards earlier this week thanks to the kind and professional assistance and wisdom of Doug and his team. Doug gave us a very clear and accurate summary of what to anticipate throughout our process on the very first day. He and his team provided relevant support and check lists in order for us to avoid what could have become an administrative nightmare. There is no question that our journey could not have been so smooth if Doug was not involved. It is without hesitation that I recommend Doug and Lightman Law Firm
Vishvas Kumar
Vishvas K.
20:22 19 Oct 18
One of the best immigration lawyer I worked with, always very thorough and very clear, always goes above and beyond. Everyone is very professional and know what they are doing.
Mohammad Islam
Mohammad I.
22:57 03 Sep 18
One of best immigration lawyer in New York. Very professional and reliable. They represented me in green card process. Highly recommended.
20:46 14 Aug 18
Roger Erith
Roger E.
15:32 06 Aug 18
I had a general question about the logistics of changing employer whilst on an E3 visa. Specifically, whether it was wiser to streamline the process by simply applying for a new E3 visa through a US Consulate and also use the opportunity to visit family in Australia. His advice on point assured my decision to do so. I recommend Doug without hesitation.
Samuel Grandchamp
Samuel G.
14:35 14 Jun 18
The team at Lightman Law Firm guided me perfectly through my visa application and made the whole process and easy and fast as possible. Would recommend Mr. Lightman and his team to anyone looking for immigration services.
Vivian Chen
Vivian C.
16:16 25 Apr 18
They are very professional and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with them.
04:51 09 Mar 18
Great working with Doug, Adam, and team. We had a special situation that we had to work through before filing for the AOS. Doug gave sound advice and we were able to resolve it very quickly so we could file for the AOS. Adam was our attorney who helped us prep and he also attended the interview with us. Wonderful guy and very helpful. I would recommend the firm to assist with your immigration needs.
Isabel X
Isabel X
16:57 01 Mar 18
Highly recommend Mr. Guy Menahem! He is very knowledgeable, professional and kind.
Jaco P.
Jaco P.
12:52 16 Feb 18
I've known Doug and the other associates at Lightman Law Firm for the past five years - they helped me through all the different steps of applying for a...
Ekaterina Lalo
Ekaterina L.
00:33 22 Nov 17
I was first introduced to Mr. Lightman when I was a student at Hunter College. He came to talk to us about applying for an H1B visa, and he made an impression of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. A few years later, when I needed help to prepare and file the application for my Green Card, his was the first name that came to my mind, and I am glad I consulted Mr. Lightman. Without his and his team's counsel, the application process would have been more stressful for me. As soon as I signed the agreement, I was given all the information I needed to start preparing the documents, which helped me file in a timely manner. Whenever I had questions, I emailed or called Douglas, Matthew or Iris, and I usually got the response the same day or the next day. The attorneys meticulously checked and double-checked all the documents before filing to make sure that nothing was missing. Finally, when the approval was granted, the attorney informed me the same day, so I didn't have to wait for the letter coming in the mail. I had such a great experience that I would recommend Lightman Law Firm to anyone who is not comfortable filing their Green Card or visa application on their own.
Shreyans Bhansali
Shreyans B.
22:10 15 Nov 17
I've worked with Doug and his team for multiple immigration issues over the years. I've recommended him to friends and family. All of us have had great experiences. Doug is knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and just super helpful.I highly recommend working with him.
Taesoo Kim
Taesoo K.
21:23 14 Nov 17
I usually don't write reviews on anyone but I would like to write a review for Mr. Douglas Lightman and his colleagues for their excellent work. I was referred to Mr. Lightman from a colleague who got his H1b and green card via this firm. The firm successfully got my H1B transfer from my previous employer, and now we are in process of obtaining my green card. I had bad experiences with lawyers in the past , mainly on issues with poor communication. Thus far, I have no problem with communicating with Mr. Lightman and things are done in timely manner. I'm very appreciative of work done by Mr. Lightman and his colleagues. I referred two of my close colleagues to Mr. Lightman on their immigration issue. I would recommend Mr. Lightman to anyone seeking an excellent immigration lawyer!
Bobby Webster
Bobby W.
20:18 13 Sep 17
Had a great experience with Doug, Iris and Matt - highly recommended.
David Shade
David S.
17:27 12 Sep 17
I was searching for an immigration lawyer in New York and came across Lightman Law Firm. Having never worked with an immigration lawyer previously, I was very nervous about making right the decision. After scouring the internet and doing as much research as possible, I decided to work with Lightman Law Firm as they seemed to be one of the more reputable US immigration law firms in New York. I was not disappointed! These guys were terrific, professionally handling all of my needs and ensuring that I felt comfortable and informed about the decisions that needed to be made. I highly recommend Lightman Law Firm!
Shannon McNamara
Shannon M.
21:25 12 Aug 17
I would highly recommend this law firm. Everyone that we met and worked with during my husband's green card process was professional, courteous, and helped guide us every step of the way. They were always quick to respond if we had a question and they made a relatively stressful process as smooth as possible. Definitely use this law firm for your immigration needs!
Kevin Barnes
Kevin B.
19:41 08 Aug 17
Gross Lloydman
Gross L.
18:45 08 Aug 17
Megan Seitz Clinton
Megan Seitz C.
18:17 08 Aug 17
Landon Strauss
Landon S.
18:07 08 Aug 17
Douglas Lightman
Douglas L.
18:06 08 Aug 17
Aytan Dahukey
Aytan D.
15:27 02 May 17
Mr. Lightman is the consummate professional. He and his team were IMMEDIATELY responsive to all of our requests and EXTREMELY knowledgable when faced with all of our specific questions. You could not ask for a better immigration lawyer to help you and your family through what is often a stressful and complicated process (particularly in these times). As an attorney at a very large law firm I can say that Mr. Lightman's services rival those of any of the international law firms that I work with and I would recommend him over any of them any day.
Vince Chen
Vince C.
21:01 18 Mar 17
Doug is very knowledgeable with the NAFTA TN. He is honest, straightforward, and very easy to talk to. I'd recommend other Canadians to seek his legal counsel.
Joanne Simmons
Joanne S.
21:26 16 Feb 17
Douglas and his colleagues were great to work with. They took us through every aspect of what to expect not only through the process of getting my green card, but also at the interview. They made sure we were kept up to date with the progression of our case and I would absolutely recommend Douglas and his friendly staff to friends that may need his services.
Susana Chinchilla
Susana C.
02:57 17 Jan 17
I was referred by my brother who had used their services before. Mr. Lightman and Mr. Curtis were very helpful throughout the whole process of the services I required. They explained and answered any questions I had. Lightman Law Firm has become my parents choice as well. I highly recommend it!
Jonathan Donenfeld
Jonathan D.
18:06 07 Jan 17
I highly recommend Doug. He's extremely knowledgeable about immigration issues and very easy to work with. If you have any immigration/legal issues I would definitely give him a call. They're very responsive and understanding to your personal situation. Top notch service and high quality of work.
Daniel Smith
Daniel S.
14:48 05 Jan 17
I used the Lightman Law Firm during my Green Card application process, and they were brilliant from start to finish. It is a daunting process, and they walked us through every step, including applying for the EAD work authorization card, and the travel exemption, right up until the interview. They had a ton of helpful advice, some of which wouldn't be obvious unless you've gone through the process a bunch of times, and learn how the interviewers like to operate. Would highly recommend using them to assist with Green Card application.
Selin Benli Valea
Selin Benli V.
00:47 09 Dec 16
I worked with Douglas Lightman and his staff for my green card application and had a great experience. In the beginning of the process they provided all the information and answered all my questions. I was always treated as a first priority and had their full support throughout the entire application and interview process. They are very professional, knowledgeable and provided efficient client-oriented service. I would definitely recommend them.
Matan K
Matan K
19:13 09 Oct 16
The Lightman Law Firm gave my wife and I extraordinary service during our Green Card process, and answered all questions and concerns immediately and professionally. I would definitely recommend to everyone I know
David Sloane
David S.
17:29 29 Sep 16
We used Doug and his firm for an H1B visa for an employee at our firm. Doug was ultra responsive and made the whole process painless. He is definitely our go to Immigration Attorney for all of our employee immigration needs.Thanks!
Alex Freeman
Alex F.
16:56 19 Sep 16
Douglas' help was invaluable in getting my TN Visa when coming to work in the United States. I can say without a doubt without his help my application would not have gone through.
Alfredo Triviño Piñeiro
Alfredo Triviño P.
17:26 15 Aug 16
After contacting some law firms, the choice was as follows:- One that was very positive, but somehow, and without notice, they took off for almost two weeks. turns out they were in vacation time and no one was taking over the colleagues work. Then after our lawyer was back, she asked "Can you remind me who you were?" ... Enough said, good bye!- Another one who was more interested in the payments before even explaining the steps and what will happen, what-ifs, etc., and dodging our questions... Good bye...- Several tries later, we contacted Lightman's office. Right away we set up a phone call interview, getting everything explained, and afterwards answering some additional questions that we e-mailed.Time frame, prices, and paperwork was spot on, and just received my envelop with the documents for the immigration officer (we live abroad), and my passport with the immigration visa.They were very helpful, and I have to say, very patient with me. And all that for a very good price!!! If there are issues on communication, just email them again, as the emails gets into the spam folders sometimes, even from my friends. So don't hesitate and contacting them again and again if needed. They are there and they really know what they are doing. Thank you so much for your help, Matt!!!!!!A
D. Ko
D. K.
14:23 25 Jul 16
One of the best decisions I made this year was working with Mr. Lightman to obtain my TN Visa. Visa's can be such a stressful thing to many people. However, Mr. Lightman has the expertise, knowledge, and most importantly, the demeanor that made this process completely stress-free. Leave your case to his legal team and they will take it from there. Lightman Law firm is one of the most reliable, efficient, and professional teams I have worked with.Above all, you know you have a great lawyer when he takes a weak case (that many other lawyers would shy away from), and manages to strengthen the case and turns it into a reality. I had a case that had a low chance of approval but with Mr. Lightman's guidance, my Visa application was successful.So for anyone looking for the best lawyer possible for the TN Visa, or any other immigration related cases, I would highly recommend Mr. Lightman and his firm.
Martin Gunnarsson
Martin G.
21:07 23 Jul 16
My Wife and I worked with Mr. Lightman and Matthew Curtis during our green card application and have nothing but good things to say. They are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. We are happy to report that we received approval not too long ago, and would recommend Mr. Lightman's firm to anyone who is looking for help navigating the immigration process.
Hasan Goncu
Hasan G.
17:28 22 Jul 16
I worked with Mr. Lightman and his team during my green card application process and received my green card recently. Mr. Lightman and his team were very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. They responded to my e-mails very quickly. I highly recommend their professional services.
mihoko ouchi
mihoko O.
21:52 14 Jun 16
Just successfully received my EB-1 greencard. It went fast with their efficient support. They're the most helpful and trustful attorney I've met on my long history of dealing with working visa. Doug, the lawyer, and the paralegal Leslie is most responsive and always cordial in response. Good and small, modest people whose very professional throughout the process. They really saved my issues and concerns each time I raised. The legal fee is set humble compared to other large law firms, and I feel it's more than worth after my good experience.I worked wth them remotely— from SF, over the email/Fedex/phone calls with just one time in-person meeting. I knew Leslie from my previous O-1 case at NY in the past, and was happy with the experience and decided to follow her, as I knew it's extremely hard to find the good immigration lawyer from the scratch. I went through many bad experiences with others in the past — as many of you are familiar. I was right: even with the distance, I could trust them throughout. It's not the first time to make recommendation, as I've been mentioning about them to my friend in circle as well. Hope this helps for other deserved candidates!
Yudi Levi
Yudi L.
21:12 10 Nov 15
Douglas professionalism and devotion helped me obtain my J1 visa in just a couple of months.If you're ever in need for help with US visa applications he's you're go to guy.
Alex Pasechnik
Alex P.
20:31 03 Oct 15
Douglas helped me second time with H1B visa. My case was not ordinary but Douglas found the way to manage it. I strongly recommend him! He has a very good expertise in everything related to the H1B and immigration to USA.
Marquis Halsell
Marquis H.
15:51 30 Jun 15
17:03 16 Sep 14
Charlly Greene
Charlly G.
01:39 16 Sep 14
Tom Balsewich
Tom B.
23:32 23 Aug 14
Nikki C.
13:21 30 Jul 14
I found Lightman Law Firm from google search. After a call and a couple of emails to talk about my TN visa, I decided to give a try. Even thought it takes two and half months to get approval, the process was smooth and easy. The overall experience is not bad. I think I will definitely going to use the same firm again.
Moshik Ze
Moshik Z.
23:54 10 Jun 14
There is probably nothing more bureaucratically slow and heavy than the US Immigration laws, yet the weight of their final decisions on individual’s future is substantial. It is getting harder and harder to get approved and seems like available statuses are decreasing every day. That’s why I needed a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable in all USCIS rules and regulations, well informed on latest legislation and trends, has lots of experience, and is thorough and patient! It was also very important to me that my lawyer is always available when I have a question or concern – and I had lots of those throughout the process.I switched 2 lawyers before meeting with Doug Lightman. I knew from the first meeting that it was a match. Within very short period of time into the process he demonstrated to meet all the requirements above. Doug made an otherwise complicated process for H1B Visa followed by a Green-Card very smooth, quick and painless. He took charge, worked closely with the sponsor and me, contacted USCIS when needed, explained the requirements and always followed up making sure all papers and supporting documents are perfectly ready for submittal to the authorities. I highly recommend getting Doug for your application with USCIS whatever that is. I’m glad to say that the process is behind me now thanks to him. Highly recommended!!
Naz Colakoglu
Naz C.
21:27 14 May 14
My visa transfer experience with Lightman Law Firm was the least painful and went really smoothly compared to other law firms that I worked in the past. I highly recommend working with them!
shachar melman
shachar M.
13:07 12 May 14
Doug is very professional. I'm happy I had the chance to work with him on my H1B! the process was smooth and with no problem. Doug continue to provide excellent advise even after the H1B was approve.He's a great guy to work with and I highly recommend to others to work with him.
Amjad Younis
Amjad Y.
02:21 25 Apr 14
I am more than happy after receiving my green card in 3 months, Mr. Douglas is very professional immigration attorney, i believe he the best in this field, Doug is very disciplined and experienced lawyer, Best Regards
Brent Wheeldon
Brent W.
01:05 22 Apr 14
Doug and Lauren helped with my green card after my wife and I were married. It was a very painless process and he was happy to answer the millions of questions that I had. I can thoroughly recommend them.
Reinhardt Haukenfrers
Reinhardt H.
16:03 07 Mar 14
Would not have been able to navigate the arcane green card process without Doug. Doug was helpful and patiently answered all the questions I had. Great service. I would highly recommend Doug and his firm to anyone considering a Green Card.
Fali Braun
Fali B.
02:30 28 Jan 14
Excellent Service! Got my TN in less than a week! And Doug's a really nice guy. Starting the process, I had a million questions and he answered them all. I was extremely happy.
David Roemer
David R.
11:26 20 Dec 13
Jay punyamurtiwar
Jay P.
18:40 06 Nov 13
Me and my wife hired Doug to file for my Marriage based Green card process and we could not be any happier. Doug was very professional and possess in-depth knowledge and intracacies of immigration laws pertaining to marriage based green card. His professionalism also trickles down to his staff who I found very friendly, responsive and attentive. Highly recommended.Jay Punyamurtiwar
Shawn Mazzeo
Shawn M.
19:17 26 Oct 13
Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Lightman Law Firm to anyone who is in need of immigration law services.
Matthew Paris
Matthew P.
21:07 25 Oct 13
Lightman Law Firm was great to work with and helped me every step of the way when processing my H1B visa.I had no idea where to start when applying for my H1B visa. From the very beginning you could tell these guys knew what they were talking about and had processed hundreds of SUCCESSFUL visas before.They were very responsive and always answered my questions within the hour via email.If you want a reliable, trust worthy and responsive Immigration lawyer you MUST work with Doug and his team.Thanks Doug!
Matthew Waghorn
Matthew W.
18:46 21 Oct 13
Mr Lightman helped me successfully file for and obtain my green card visa. I found him to be very helpful and well mannered. He certainly knows his industry and would gladly recommend him to anyone.
Dave Kupratis
Dave K.
13:51 07 Oct 13
Mr. Lightman and his staff are incredibly skillful in their specialization in Immigration. I have had the great honor and pleasure to deal with Lightman Law Firm LLC to obtain a Greencard for my newly married Wife and I can say with great ease that the firm made not only the process seamless but increased both my Wife and my Marriage. We both personally thank Lightman Law Firm LLC and will without a doubt refer this firm to many of our friends. To others interested or having trouble with Immigration, make no mistake that Lightman Law Firm LLC will resolve any issues and make you feel content.Cheers!David Kupratis
Michael Kwong
Michael K.
05:10 25 Sep 13
Highly recommended service! Doug prepared all documentation quickly and thoroughly. He was always contactable and you can tell he is experienced and professional. I will be coming back to Doug in two years when I need my E3 visa renewal. It took Lightman Law Firm 1 week to get all the documents together and I was working in the USA with in 2 weeks! Well worth the money, thanks Doug!
Denise Brown
Denise B.
14:02 17 Sep 13
I highly recommend Doug and his services. He is extremely responsive - which I think is one of the most important things. He kept us informed every time there was an update in our Green Card process and always got back to us whenever we had questions. Everything went so smoothly. My Green Card through marriage got approved after 4.5 months. You will be in good hands - for probably one of the most affordable rates in all NYC.
Cecilia Garza Moreno
Cecilia Garza M.
17:53 30 Apr 13
I am extremely happy my husband and I hired Lightman Law Firm to get my green card through marriage application. Doug and his staff are very knowledgeable, attentive and accessible! Our process went so smoothly. For someone who is always worried about something (me!), working with Doug and Ben was a breeze and my worries about the process dissipated! I knew they had my back, and that they would take care of everything until I got my green card approval... and they did! If you are looking for a down-to-earth, smart and efficient lawyer to help you with your immigration processes, Lightman Law Firm is the way to go! Thank you!
Matt Lloyd
Matt L.
14:32 01 Apr 13
I highly recommend Doug. He is very professional, helpful, and approachable. He explained the Green Card process to us very clearly, and managed the process quickly and efficiently. He kept us informed at every point during the whole process.
Marko Sirac Petrekovic
Marko Sirac P.
06:02 27 Feb 13
I am returning customer to Lightman Law Frim. I had ttried to do things on my awn but I failed. With Lightman things went smooth again. I highly recommend him!
Sofia Vrataric
Sofia V.
19:47 24 Nov 12
Douglas was professional and thorough. We sailed through the process easily, although our case was not straight forward. He is well prepared and anticipates all scenarios, we felt at ease knowing he was representing us.
oliver dibrova
oliver D.
19:07 02 Nov 12
Doug was recommended to me by a coworker. He was extremely helpful, professional,and fast. In the consultations he always took time to explain everything in detail and made sure we don't leave his office until every question was properly answered and explained. He even replied on weekends to my emails and kept us informed along the whole process.I highly recommend Doug
Roberta Leary
Roberta L.
21:19 18 Oct 12
Doug was extremely professional and helpful. Throughout the process he was always available to help us and answer any of the questions we had. We would recommend the Lightman Law firm to others.
Morey Talmor
Morey T.
18:23 19 Aug 12
Our whole experience with Lightman Law was a very positive. Douglas Lightman was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with our case. Despite my wife and I being very anxious and nervous people he made applying for a green card an easy and relaxed experience. Douglas Lightman saw us through every step of the way and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

Below are several testimonials from clients who have retained the award-winning Lightman Law Firm, New York’s 2014 Immigration Law Firm of the Year as named by Acquisition International:

“Mr. Lightman as an immigration attorney is excellent with always his swift response. I hired him to get my status adjusted from H1B to a Permanent Resident. He goes in depth of your case family background or circumstances and analyzes the case and comes out with the best result out of it. He knows what he is doing and handles everything at it perfectly. In general all the lawyers know the rules and regulations and rights of their clients, but he knows how to implement all of them in the right way. I highly recommend Mr. Lightman as a knowledgeable, sincere, well versed and professional attorney. I would definitely look forward to work with him in near future. Thank you Mr. Lightman.”
-Hemantkumar Patel & Krishna Patel

“I hired Lightman Law Firm to file my adjustment of status application for me and ultimately revive a green card. My case was not ideal for any lawyer as I had a criminal background from home. Mr. Lightman kept me informed throughout the whole case (almost 9 months) and was more helpful than I could have asked. His rates are excellent and for the quality of service he provides I would have paid double. I was away from my email when Mr. Lightman got the news and he contacted me on a Sunday when I returned to give me the great news. Top class.”
-D. Price

“Douglas was not only knowledgeable and professional but so personable and attentive. He helped us throughout the entire process and gave us peace of mind. Our case was not an easy one but he made sure that we had everything to get an great end result. Would recommend him to anyone, any day. Thank you Douglas Lightman!”
-Paula S.

“When you phone Doug Lightman looking for immigration advice what strikes you is that he really knows what he’s talking about. I was applying for an H1B visa and had already spoken to 3 immigration lawyers, who all gave me conflicting advice. I then spoke to Doug and immediately knew I wanted him to represent me. He knows all of the qualifying requirements and how to manage the visa process smoothly, from application to approval. Throughout the process he made himself available to give advice and answer any questions. A true professional – this guy is at the top of his field.”
-David P.

“Working with Mr. Lightman was a text book guide rule how attorney-client relationship should be. Mr. Lightman was very informative on my situation which made me feel very confident about how my case will turn out. Thanks to his diligent work and preparation in regards to my case, the whole process felt almost to good to be real. Thank you Mr. Lightman for everything. Most of all thank you for helping me getting the opportunity to follow my dreams.”
-Ivan Bozovic

“Earlier this year, my firm was searching for the right immigration lawyer to assist me in obtaining a work visa. After spending several hours with various lawyers we decided on Mr. Lightman, whose honesty and ability to simplify and communicate the complicated jargon of immigration law was unmatched. Although I had previously been rejected when attempting to obtain a TN visa under the Management Consultant category at the Vancouver airport, Mr. Lightman assured me that I was eligible for a TN visa under this category. Working with Mr. Lightman on the application process was straightforward and stress-free, and I was shocked at how quickly the application was submitted and approved. I will definitely go to Mr. Lightman for any of my future immigration needs.”
-Kristen A. – RSR Partners

“We would like to share our experience on working with Attorney Douglas Lightman. Originally we were on J-visa status and we contacted Mr. Lightman to work with us to apply for a green card. He promptly sent us precise information on the procedure and a checklist of necessary documents. He handled our case carefully. He strictly checked all the steps from document preparation and submission of the application to avoid any mistake. He answered our phone calls without any delay. Our application was approved approximately in about seveb months without any request for further documents. We are very grateful for his sincere help. Mr. Lightman is not only an excellent attorney but also a good friend. In fact, his handling fee was also very reasonable for his services. Therefore, we recommend Mr. Lightman without any reservation.”
-Ayalew Ligaba Osena and Yoko Imai – National Interest Waiver (NIW) Green Card

“I researched several immigration lawyers and chose Mr. Doug Lightman because I found him to be the most knowledgeable. Mr. Lightman offered excellent legal advice and was attentive and supportive throughout the multi-stepped process. As a result, within five months of filing the paperwork, I received my green card. I strongly recommend Mr. Lightman for immigration legal services.”
-Amy F.

“I have been extremely satisfied with the exceptional service Lightman Law Firm provided me. Mr. Lightman walked me through the whole process step by step, answering all and every question I had, keeping me informed of any relevant aspect of the ongoing process and finally, achieving our goal on getting the approval on the H1B visa. I have found his services pompt, efficient and would recommend him to any of my colleagues.”
-Claudia L.

“Mr. Lightman was very honest, yet optimistic about my case from the start. He walked me through the entire process, was able to answer all my questions, and was always responsive. He was proactive beyond expectations and really listened to my concerns. Mr. Lightman worked to figure out the best visa route for me and presented the different possible options, allowing me to make an informed decision. Though he researched the likelihood of a TN visa approval at my request, he suggested applying for the H1-B after providing a thorough analysis. Mr. Lightman was clear with what he needed for the application and informed me of any changes every step of the way. The visa was approved in a record time of only 10 days! When there were some problems with the payment due to my employer’s check, Mr. Lightman immediately made several calls to find a solution. My work visa is officially confirmed and I can now stay in the US to work legally. If I ever need legal assistance concerning U.S. immigration, I will definitely look to Lightman Law Firm.”
-Vivienne So

“When I was initially offered employment in New York it took me some time time to work out what sort of Visa I needed. As soon as I contacted Douglas Lightman, he pointed me in the right direction and was swift in replying to my emails. I was keen to start working in the US and after seeing how helpful Doug was with my queries, I chose him as immigration attorney. Throughout the visa process he was always updating me and was happy to answer any of my questions. I was impressed with how quickly the application went through and attribute this to Doug’s diligent work and great attention to detail. Its fantastic to be working in New York and if I choose to renew my visa or apply for a greencard he’ll certainly be my first port of call!”
-Kieran B.

“Of course Doug is very knowledgeable on this subject and always kept us informed on the status of the case all the time. This is a given since the start line. But also important is the fact that he is very honest and he was always available for us. No matter what the question was, the day whether it was on a weekend or in the evening he was always available for us in a timely manner whether emails, meetings or phone calls with the willing to help and make sure that we understood the answers and the status of the process. Last, Doug was always right every time he anticipated when we should expect to receive certain documents in our mail box: if he said during that specific week, we did in fact receive the document or hear from the USCIS that specific week. Amazing!”
-Ariel and Debora S.

“Mr. Lightman was just what I needed to get my Green card in less than 4 months. He was ready to answer any question at any time! From the very beginning, from the first call, he was always there with all the informations I was looking for. He’s just incredibly competent and even the immigration officer by the time we were being interviewed said so, that she was very impressed and that she loved him! Because we got everything right and the process was the faster as it could get. Mr. Lightman is my man and I recommend him to all my friends and family. I will always trust him for any immigration matter and I truly appreciate his services!”
-Fabricia M.

“It was a pleasure to work with Doug on our green card through marriage application. Doug was very helpful in laying out the options for us in the beginning. He made sure our application was prepared and filed as soon as possible. He was extremely responsive to our many questions throughout the process. As a result, everything went very smoothly and our application was approved in just 3 months from the filing date. We would strongly recommend his services.”
-O.H. & C.H.

“Mr. Lightman was very efficient and precise, The whole process took just over three months and a true professional who made everything seem so easy and relaxed. I would highly recommend Lightman Law Firm if you want an outstanding service. Thanks Again!”
-Tim C.

“With all that we have been thru with previous attempts and immigration lawyers, you made the process painless and smooth. We appreciate the time you took to explain in detail the process and questions we had. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
-Emmanuel & Eunice E.

“In March 2009, we hired Lightman Law Firm and specifically Doug Lightman to help with our green card through marriage application. We can honestly say we made the right choice. Doug guided us through the process every step of the way. Preparing our application quickly and professionally, and most importantly absolutely correctly, we we’re able to move through the process much quicker than we had anticipated. At each step, Doug went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared and took his time to explain the best course of action. Most importantly, throughout the process we felt he was genuinely interested in us getting our green card. Before our green card interview Doug meticulously made sure we were organized and prepared. The result was a quick and smooth interview, resulting in a I-551 passport stamp (only 15 weeks after the application was mailed). We highly recommend Doug and his firm to anyone thinking of applying for a green card His expertise is invaluable and the time saved having a truly qualified and experienced professional prepare and send the documents on our behalf was more than worth the very reasonable fees.”
-Joel W. & Anna A.

“I was very delighted with Douglas’ attention. He was very accommodating and patient in answering each and every one of my many questions in successive communications. The plan of action was accurate and with no surprises and everything in my case went smoothly and as expected.”
-Alex C.

“Our company contacted Lightman Law Firm after 2 failed attempts to get one of our Canadian computer systems analysts into the US for a project with a customer. Doug Lightman took the time to really listen to what we needed, answered all our questions and walked us through the process step-by-step with great patience. Because of our previous failed attempts our situation was higher in risk, but with the assistance of Mr. Lightman, we not only got our computer systems analyst into the country for our project, we were able to get the paperwork approved for the full 3 years allowed. I highly recommend Lightman Law Firm and will definitely call when we need assistance again in the future. Doug Lightman is extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with, and I appreciate all of his help.”
-Michelle Modglin (Operations Manager) – LeadThem Consulting

“If you’re looking for a bright, articulate immigration lawyer, this is the place. Doug was a true professional from our first interview through to completion of our current visa application. His attention to detail and ability to explain the whole process was illuminating. I look forward to working with him on our future immigration issues.”
-BR & KM – Westcop, Open Door

“The communication I received from Mr. Lightman surpasses any that can be expected from a lawyer. Despite unexpected problems regarding a prior visa status, of which Mr. Lightman had no connection, he continued to help via phone conversations and emails that exceeded 100 messages! In the end, I received my green card faster than any other colleague I’ve compared notes with.”
-PhD Researcher – National Interest Waiver (NIW)

“As a client of Lightman Law Firm, I am pleased with the quality of work and the result of the case. Mr. Lightman is diligent, trustworthy and responsive to my concerns. I appreciate the transparency in every step of the process and would suggest choosing Lightman Law Firm to represent in any visa application case.”
-L. Lanh – H-1B Visa

“Doug Lightman’s superior knowledge in Immigration Law not only sped up the process of obtaining my TN Status, but added an extra sense of comfort and reliability throughout the entire process. Doug provided world class guidance throughout the course of obtaining my TN Status by meticulously walking me through each step of the application and border interview, which served as a huge confidence builder on the day I applied at the Rainbow Bridge border in Buffalo, NY. I was overly impressed with Mr. Lightman’s professionalism and expertise in the field of Immigration Law and I would highly recommend using the services of Lightman LLC for any Immigration concerns. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Lightman for exceeding my expectations and for providing me with a stress free immigration experience.”
-Brody Courtepatte – ALLPRO Direct Marketing

“Mr. Lightman is very professional. He’s always ready to answer all my questions (by email or phone calls). The fees were reasonable too. I remembered the night I sent an agreement letter, the next morning we started working on my case. Not 1 or 2 days after that, but the next morning! It proved Mr. Lightman was serious about the things he needed to do for his client.”
-Charity T.

“Our case seemed relatively straightforwards, US Citizen married to a Canadian who was applying for Permanent residency. Usually, whenever things seem “straightforward,” they rarely turn out to be that way. Mr. Lightman understood our backgrounds, ensured that our case was filed in the most complete manner, that there was appropriate follow-up, and that the timetable was as efficient as possible. We received the green card in less time than we had expected, and there were no surprises along the way. It really was straightforward.”
-Maude and Devesh Ashra

“I want to sincerely thank you for all your help throughout the entire Green Card process. I got approved today and we’re thrilled! You’ve been nothing but professional, courteous and helpful the entire time. You’ll be seeing us in a couple of years for the removal of the conditional green card status.”
-Glen M.

“I think Mr. Lightman is unbelievebly a great lawyer, he’s honest and provide excellent service and keep in touch with his cliente all the way. i have seen a least 3 lawyer in the past 3 years and i can honestly tell the difference and appreciate douglas work. I got married in August, 4th 2009, submitted the papers in october and got my interview lettre in december, january 7th 2010 got my approvel( 3months and half process)it was so fast! I will definitly recommend ligthman lawfirm to my love onces. thank you Doug again and i’m looking forward to seeing you to remove the conditions of my permanent resident.”
-Ms. Guzman

“Lightman Law Firm was a really big help for me when I did my H1B transfer. They have very reasonable legal fees, professional staff, and fast service. The most important thing is they spent time with me to understand my needs and were always available when I needed an answer. I have been really satisfied with them and I’m looking forward to working with them again for any future immigration needs.”
-Marshall Widjaja

“We recommend Doug because he is a very afforable and has knowledge of the full immigration process. He was always available and kept us updated throughout the entire process. Because of his expertise we were very comfortable throughout from our first visit until the completion of our case.”
-Chandra and Mohamed

“As an employer who worked with you to transfer an H-1B employee to our company, your service was extraordinary! You explained to me exactly the process, processed all letters, information and forms promptly with little work from me. What pleased me the most is that you always kept us informed continuously of the status of the process without us having to contact you!”
-Lorraine Elshiekh Director of HR – Catalyst Inc.

“Mr. Lightman was extremely thorough with our case and most importantly, always available and cordial unlike most others. We are very pleased and feel lucky that we found Doug for our immigration needs and look forward to using his services in the future.”
-Nida Kazmi & Juwad Shah

“I am exceptionally satisfied with Mr. Lightman’s service. From the moment we met till the very end he was very loyal, detailed and patient. I was surprised the most when replied my email on Sunday afternoon within 30 minutes, and when he noticed some number errors in my files before I submitted. If there is more professionals like him, world would be much better place!”
-Marko P.

“A quick word of thanks for the excellent job Mr. Lightman did to help me obtain my permanent residency card. I have used the services of several lawyers to apply for educational and professional visas. Of the attorneys I have used, none come even close to the professional attitude and personal service that I have received from Mr. Lightman and his firm. What distinguishes this firm from other attorneys is that he knows the details of your case, is quick to respond to your questions, and is honest, generous with his time, very polite, reliable and supportive. If you are looking for an excellent immigration lawyer who cares about the person behind the case, I strongly encourage you to contact Lightman Law Firm.”
-Oren Manor – Advantage Lock Key

“The process yesterday went extremely smooth. I now have a TN Visa :). Thank you for your assistance and patience. I really appreciate your help.”
-Eaymon Latif – FTS partners

“From start to finish Mr. Lightman was there for me and my fiance helping us understand the confusing fiance visa process. I started off using a do it yourself package but quickly realized it was not nearly enough. With Mr. Lightman’s assistance I was able to avoid errors that could’ve cost us the visa.”
-Deepak Patel

“Mr. Lightman is extremely professional. He achieved the desired results for us without delay and without surprises. His quoted fees were reasonable and the job was completed on budget and on time.”
-Sam J. Terzi – Fantas Eyes

“My case was sensitive but Mr Lightman helped me come out of it. It was a great pleasure to work with him. I would want to come back to Lightman Law Firm in future, if I required any legal assistance. I am very delighted with the outcome of the case, because it was a do and die situation for me. Most of the lawyers didnt take the case because the stakes were high. I appreciate the the level of patience Mr Doug had throughout the process. I want to thank Lightman Law Firm again for everything.”
-Poonam Gurung

“My husband and I approached Douglas Lightman to guide us through the application for Green Card through marriage. He was well prepared and immaculate. We had a very short time to file and Mr. Lightman made sure everything was correctly done and sent on time. He advised us regarding the interview and the application process went smoothly and quickly. Two weeks after the interview, we received the green card. In addition to being very professional, Mr. Lightman is very affordable. I already recommended him to another couple going through the same process and I will without doubt recommend him to anyone else who needs advise regarding immigration.”
-Ana S.

“Doug has done an excellent job with applying for my green card through marriage. The process was quick and without any complications. Doug was always available for questions or concerns and explained everything in detail. He is a great professional, I would highly recommend him!”

“Just want to thank you again for everything, got my green card yesterday. this was one of the most stressing thing i did and you help me kept my sanity thanks again.”
-Andy F.

“I was referred to Doug Lightman by a trusted friend and I am extremely pleased I hired him to handle my green card case. He acted very professionally and diligently to ensure the case resulted in the best possible outcome. Highly recommend him!”
-Oli E.

To speak about your case, call 212-643-0985 or contact us via our email form.

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